Online Resources

A good apologist never tries to work alone.  He instead looks into the deep resources of the Faith.  Here are some useful online resources which will aid and answer many of the questions discussed on Quidquid Est, Est.  Check back for new additions. – Website for the Holy See, with archival writings of popes and various congregations in the Church. – Catholic world news/blog posts on the home page, with the ENTIRE Catholic Encyclopedia from 1917, works from the early Fathers of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, and other various Church documents. – Hundreds of hours of audio lectures designed to give those who, perhaps, did not have a proper Catholic undergraduate training, and for those who did, it will fill in the gaps you have in your memory. – Website for Catholic Answers, a world renowned Catholic apologetic website. – Archives daily Catholic interest websites. – Cardinal Newman Society Website.  Reports on news related to Catholic Colleges and Universities, as well as Catholic interests in state universities. – Catholic News Agency, operated by EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) – A cable television station and media center, a great source for information about the Faith. – Catholic news and commentary, a well as some archived documents, articles, and e-books. – Reflections and resources for the Year of Faith called by Pope Benedict XVI. – A website dedicated to the debate between Atheists and Catholics. . . though other questions manage to pop up here and there.


2 thoughts on “Online Resources

  1. Bob Rose says:

    Congratulations! I hope this is a source of great enlightenment and blessings to all who participate in your blog!
    Peace be with you,
    Your other Uncle Bob

  2. theoress says:

    Great list, Matt!

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