How to ask a question

ben in seat slide

My oldest, listening to me give a talk.  He asks great questions!


This blog depends on questions from you, the readers.  In the event that readers no longer have any questions, this blog will wither and die, shriveling up like a dried leaf set next to a fire.  


I mean, I guess I could just write reflections, but where’s the fun in that? 


There are several ways you can ask your questions.

  1. Ask a related question in the comment box of an already existing post.  I check the comments frequently, so I will see your question.
  2. Email your questions to 
  3. Go to Facebook and leave your question on the official Quidquid Est, Est!  Facebook page.  
  4. Submit a question via Twitter at @quidquidestest.  Use #quidquidquestion to grab my attention.  

Please give your name (if you wish to remain anonymous, please say so) and in general where you live (again, if you wish).  Please make sure your question has a question mark at the end of it; if you need to provide background to your question, by all means provide.  It would help if you included a reliable email address, in case I need clarification regarding the question.

Unless told otherwise, questions will appear at the beginning of the blogpost.  Its on you to make sure your question makes sense.  

Thank you and GOD BLESS! 

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