Instructions For Former Catholics

Saw this in my WordPress Reader. Please, if you read this blog, and you are away from the Church, rethink your decision. Pray! I know its hard to pray sometimes. Its very hard, and people will make fun of you. It’s sad, I know. But try these prayers. The author makes a good point. We love you, but more importantly, GOD LOVES YOU, whether you love Him or not. He is a loving Father who longs to have the love of His children.

For those who are Catholic but are struggling with some aspect of the Faith, whether it be personal, moral, or doctrinal, PLEASE pray about it. God loves all of us, and does not want to loose us.

Remember, if you have questions, concerns, comments, or just want to pose a question you don’t think can be answered, send it over. We here at Quidquid Est, Est work hard to provide the Truth.

John 8:32

Belief In The Communion Of Saints

To ‘fallen away’ Catholics:

If you were baptized a Catholic, raised in the Faith and have left the Church know that there are many of us, who have remained true to the Faith, are praying daily for your conversion back into the Faith.

Know that this life is a test to see if your soul is worthy of heaven for all of eternity.

Understand that God does not want you to lose your soul.

To pass the test you must align your will with God’s will.

This is done by obeying His commandments, by praying daily, by participating in the Sacraments (which He instituted to help you grow in holiness) and to do the best you can, at all times, at whatever ‘station in life’ you find ourself.

But, God does not interfere with a person’s free will.

We love you.

But most importantly God loves you.

Return His love…

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