Reblog: Canon Law and Two Popes

In case anyone was wondering about the Church handling “two popes” at the same time. . . Well, Cathy Caridi, an American canon lawyer in Rome, has the answer. Why bother writing up what she has so elegantly stated?

Viva il Papa! Viva!

Canon Law Made Easy

Q1: Could you please outline the canonical problems inherent in the fact that now we have two living Popes?  –Rhonda

Q2:  Considering that all priests and bishops must belong to a diocese or religious order, my question would be this: now that Benedict has renounced the Chair of Peter but will be living on the Vatican grounds, as a Bishop, what diocese must he belong to?  –Michael

A: Now that we Catholics are gradually getting used to the notion that we have a Pope from Argentina named Francis, it’s only natural that many are also starting to wonder what it’s going to be like to have two Popes living at the same time. 

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