Quid est “Quidquid Est, Est”?


Ok, calm down everyone, its just a blog title.  Take a deep  breath, one two three, and exhale.

Whew.  I know.  Latin =  Scary.  But what can I say?  Its the only other language besides English in which I can pretend to have some vague competency.  Like how I DID NOT end that sentence in a preposition?  See, I’m cool like that.

And so is this blog!  Well, at least I think its cool.

Welcome to “Quidquid Est, Est!”  The title says it all: “Whatever it is, it is!”  After about an hour of pondering and googling, I decided this would sum up the blog best.  Whatever it is, it is.

What is “it”?  “It” is the answer to your questions.  But not just any random questions.   Here I seek to help you answer your deep, dark questions about life, God, religion, and the Church.

So I should be up front, here and now.

I am a Roman Catholic.  I have been my entire life.  I have attended Catholic schools my entire life, have taught at Catholic schools my entire professional career, and have (or will have, hopefully, soon after this writing) an advanced degree in Systematic Theology.  Religion is part of who I am.  I live my life to serve God and share Him with others.

More on me later.  Back to the blog.

This is a blog of Apologetics (see the forthcoming post about Apologetics), specifically Catholic Apologetics, though as we will see, many of the arguments brought forward are not always from Catholic sources, nor must all of the topics here involve Catholic teaching.  Some of the issues we will discuss will stem from basic questions like “Does God exist,” or “How do I know I can trust the Bible.”  Neither of these questions require you to be a Catholic to answer them.  Other questions might deal more directly with matters of the Catholic Faith; questions will appear involving popes, priests, sacraments, saints, Catholic dogmas and moral teachings, and even what happens to us when we die.  All of these will have varying answers depending on the background of the person answering.

The purpose of this blog is not to offend or otherwise hurt others.  It is to provide truth.  “What is truth,” Pilate asked Jesus (John 18:38), but that rusty Roman did not wait for an answer.  We, however, know the answer.

Jesus had said earlier “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14: 6).

So we begin on a journey for truth.  We begin a voyage, more adventurous than that of Odysseus, Dante, Frodo and Sam, and Littlefoot from The Land Before Time.  We begin a exodus from uncertainty and dismay, from insincerity and dishonesty, to Truth.

Hence the name: Whatever it is, it is.

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One thought on “Quid est “Quidquid Est, Est”?

  1. Andrew Stine says:

    “Like how I DID NOT end that sentence in a preposition?”



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